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Senior Kindy Newsletter – March 2017

Dear parent and caregivers!

What an amazing month that was! All March we enjoyed very much various dramatic play. We created shopping corner and pretending to be shop assistants and customers in a grocery store. We counted money for our purchases and talked about behaviour in a busy store. We were waiting our turn to buy in a line and used “magic polite words”.

In the middle  of  the month we offered to our children “Doctor  set” and open Hospital for dolls and animals. We tried on doctors costumes and learnt how to use medicines tools to treat our sick patients. We call each other’s “Doctor” , wrote prescriptions and gave stickers to all kids and patients after treatment. That was so much fun!!!

One more popular dramatic play was “Camping” . We hanged brunch decorated with our hands as leaves and created jungle   in our room . Then we  put  big tent  and pretended to go camping .We sang songs with guitar and piano and made beds inside the tent to sleep under the stars.  It is was so  nice to   read stories  in a tent and  had rest in our own  nature island  appeared in the room.

And for sure we learnt a lot through arts and crafts. We explored soft and oozy clay texture and did our own pots on the pottery wheel, we painted with stamps, balloons and rollers. We had fun with jelly sensory box. For Earth day we had gardening sensory activity   with vegetables, bark and stones. We learnt about plants on our earth and about planet as well. We played different sorting   and matching games , had alphabet tunnel and decorated letters. We played musical instruments and created our own mini-pianos to sing along.

Thank you  to all teachers and  parent for collaborative work.

Best regards   Ms. Anna,  Ms. Rochelle .