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Pre-prep Newsletter – March 2017

Throughout this month on pre-prep we have learnt about a large amount of different things. We have spent some time learning about various letters, how to write them, what they sound like and words that begin with those letter. This included D, E, F & G. Various themes were created alongside each of these letters to encourage the children to take part in the group activities with their friends. Each child is encouraged to participate in all activities. We have used tools such as polly-phonics in order to encourage the children to use the letters, sounds and words we are learning as a group. Alongside this we also have worked on individual name identification, as well as colour and shape identification as a group. We have also been learning about the various months on the calendar and seasons that correspond with those months. We have also tried to include various activities throughout the program that harness each and every child’s interests and skill levels. The children have all responded well across the board with involvement of the activities, creating their own safe play, and aiding and encouraging their friends in the activities and group activities. We have also been encouraging the children’s autonomy and responsibility in their self and their belongings. Encouraging them not only to do certain things for themselves, but also aid their friends in doing so and looking after their belongings.

The pre preps have also engaged in a number of activities throughout the centre and close community. This month we had the Larrikin puppet show come out and perform for us, which lead our pre preps to want to make and use our own puppets to tell stories for our friends. The pre-preps have also been a part of various activities with the Saint John’s community centre, performing for them on a number of occasions throughout the month. This month the pre preps have also in a fire evacuation at the centre, which prompted us and the children to discuss not only fire safety and what we were to do in the case of a fire, but safe play with our friends and family.

This is a small portion of the activities and events the pre-preps have participated in this month, this gives you a bit of an idea about what we are doing in pre-prep and what pathways we are going down for the rest of the year. Developing the children’s skills in various ways, shapes and forms are important to the both of us. Everyone is always welcome and any questions don’t hesitate to ask. The program for the pre-preps is also readily available in the pre prep room. We look forward to what the rest of the year brings! J


Miss Cathy and Miss Ashleigh