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    We support each child’s individual development

Our Learning Environments – Age Groups


In our Nursery room, we as educators pride ourselves on recognising and acknowledging the uniqueness and individuality of our children.

We believe that each child is an individual, each child grows and develops in their own unique way. As Educators, we feel that by building reciprocal, respectful relationships with our families we will be able to share key information to better support each child’s needs and abilities.

As educators, we plan and foster our program to meet the needs of our children, to ensure we are supporting their strengths, interests, and giving them every opportunity to meet their milestones. We endeavor to keep open communication between families, toddlers and ourselves to ensure future transitions are as smooth as possible.  We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between home and care, fostering an environment that reflects the children’s values, beliefs, and is inclusive.

As educators in our Nursery, we feel we are an extension of your family.


As educators in the Toddler room, we feel passionate about the rights of the children. We focus on and believe in open communication between our Nursery and Junior Kindy rooms to ensure the best possible care is provided upon each transition.

Educators endeavor to create a safe, secure environment that fosters creativity, independence whilst promoting a sense of identity. Educators work closely together to continue to build upon the foundation established by Nursery, continuing to embed a sense of belonging, a sense of pride, and a sense of worth.

As educators in the Toddler room, we pride ourselves on creating a family environment that is inclusive of all our children, families, and fellow educators.

We believe together we can achieve anything.

Junior Kindy

Our focus in Junior Kindy is providing each child and their family an environment that supports and enables them to feel safe, secure, and belonging to part of a family. We thrive on promoting a caring environment that enables and supports a variety of cultures inclusive to each child’s needs.

We aim to work closely with the children, families, and fellow educators to build reciprocal relationships that will foster and enhance the quality of care we will provide each child.

As educators, we endeavor to respect and support each other and in turn, build a foundation that fosters confident unique individuals.


Our Pre-Prep room provides care to children especially in the year before they enter school. Our Pre-Prep curriculum offers opportunities for children to undertake new and creative experiences in order for them to be ready for school.

Such opportunities can include: 

  • Literacy sessions – show and tell, letter recognition, letter of the week, pre-writing activities, days of the week, number recognition.
  • Numeracy sessions – bingo and lotto games, counting by rote, ordinal numbers.
  • Science and Nature activities – experiments, Science and Nature Table, the Human Body.
  • Free choice – construction, creating art and craft, drawing table, self-select puzzles and cognitive activities.
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