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Junior Kindy Newsletter – March 2017

Junior Kindy Newsletter for March

Dear Parents,

Through songs, art and sensory experiences using cellophane, playdough, goop, paint and blocks, children have been learning about colours.  Children’s interest in bugs led us onto a Nature theme where children explored their environment collecting leaves and twigs which they turned into art pieces, and used small branches as paint brushes.  We extended their play with “Under the Water” from interest in dolphins and whales.  Shells were counted into cups, and we made an attempt to make our own kinetic sand which proved lots of fun!!

A big hit with us was the puppet show where excitement was so high we found socks when we came back into the room which we pretended to be our puppets! If only we had a camera taping the interesting conversations the children had with socks on their hands!! Their language is developing so well!

Miss Shine has stepped into our room to help our team of Miss Vanitha, Miss Devika and myself to ensure we give your precious children quality care and consistency to encourage them to develop to their full potential.

One goal we want is for the children to become independent little people!

We would love to hear from you about what your child does in their spare time, as this is such valuable information for us which we can include into our programme.

One reminder is that we ask you to name all your child’s belongings.

Thanking you,

Thea Loula.